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2012 LEGO Friends Minidolls

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I got my hands on all of the 2012 LEGO Friends minidolls basically just so I could analyze them. And try to mix & match their outfits.

All of the 2012 LEGO Friends minidolls

All of the 2012 LEGO Friends minidolls

To my actual surprise, I learned a few things about the dolls while examining them. Most of the insights are fairly minor thus I did not put them into the video. But I can mention them here.

Olivia's pink torso in 2012 looks very similar to the torso she wears in later years. Upon a closer inspection of my minidoll parts it turned out I had only 1 of the old prints and I needed 2. The same thing happened with Stephanie and Emma. That’s how the Bricklinking began.

The most common Emma, Stephanie, Olivia, Andrea, and Mia minidolls in 2012

The most common Emma, Stephanie, Olivia, Andrea, and Mia minidolls in 2012

Let me tell you, getting parts form 2012 in “new” condition is not easy. Especially if you want to order several of them from the same store to save on shipping.

Eventually, they arrived. And with them came some other parts, because if you think I’m not going to empty that store of cheap minidolls you are mistaken. So I’m sorting them and I have a “What is this?” moment. A quick Brickset check reveals that Mia had a different colored shirt printing as well.. Luckily, at that point I had 2 of these torsos in my hands, and 2 of them was all I needed. Yes.

A problem that was more of a frustration than a problem was Andrea’s hair. In 2012 she had a hairstyle that slightly changed in 2015. My frustration with that is that Bricklink counts both of them as the same hair piece. I had to look closely at all of the photos to make sure I used the right one. Fortunately, I had already spent a fortune on Andrea minidolls so I had more of them.

Most of the legs pieces needed for the assembly of these dolls I have at home in 2 variants. One molded in one color with the skin and the shoes printed on and the other dual molded with only the shoes (and decorations) printed. My guess is that LEGO started with the single molded legs and then at some point switched to the dual molded ones. But again, Bricklink doesn’t make the distinction, leaving me with no way to track when the change occurred.

I tried to use only the single molded legs, but I decided I will not let that torment me in this nor the future videos, so don’t be too surprised if I at some point I’m not too consistent with that ;)

Cooking LEGO Pieces

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Not a thing I thought I would be doing. Yet here we are.

Elsa & Anna with Remolded Hair Pieces

I knew that some crooked plastic board game figures could be saved by dipping them in warm water and simply straitening them out. But could that work on LEGO pieces as well? To be honest, I only cared if it would work on hair pieces. ‘Cause I love them, and not all are minidoll friendly.

Elsa's Original and Remolded Hair Piece

Anna’s and Elsa’s hair pieces proved to be the perfect candidates for my experiment. I boiled some water and then the fun started.

This “recipe” worked the best for me:

  • cook the hair piece with the head and torso attached (but don’t be too attached to the head and torso you are throwing into boiling water)

  • after a few minutes, take it out of the water

  • quickly mold it to the shape you want it to stay in

  • hold like that for a few minutes till it’s cooled

  • repeat if necessary

When you’ve achieved the form you want, feel free to also paint on some details. Of course my Anna had to have her light strand of hair.

Anna's Original and Remolded Hair Piece

And that really is everything. The process turned out to be far easier than predicted and I already look forward to some more cooking. Dorothy from the LEGO Movie 2 CMF Series is calling me for a while now..

Almost Completely Spoiler Free "LEGO Movie 2" Thoughts

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I watched the movie with my family a few days ago. We went to a not-that-nearby cinema that screens movies in English. Because in Germany everything gets dubbed. And I like listening to Chris Pratt. And everything gets a PG rating lately, so we had to lie about how old our son was.

LEGO Movie 2 Party.jpg

Needless to say, we all loved the movie. I was playing “is that an official set?” and “is that a new part?” with myself. I got extremely excited every time we got a glimpse of a side character’s neighbor’s magenta hair piece. It was gorgeous. As was one other and a helmet visor with stars. I hope we get them in some future sets.

The LEGO Movie 2 isn’t a masterpiece nor a must-watch like the first one. It is, however, beautiful, fun, and awesome in a more realistic kind of way. I think its role is that of an amusing footnote to the first movie. Whatever that means.

My son loved the action scenes and every nanosecond dinosaurs, or Ultrakitty were visible. My daughter enjoyed the songs so much she was singing in the theater. Don’t worry, only I could hear her ;)

When we got home, she insisted we listen to the soundtrack. For some reason I was skeptical if it was already available on Google Play Music but, lo and behold, it was. So for the next 2 hours, we listened to “Not Evil” and “Everything’s Not Awesome” on repeat.

I would gladly make a joke about how annoying that was and how valiantly I fought to turn the noise off, but I was the one who kept queuing “Not Evil”, so...

LEGO Movie 2 Lucy & CB.jpg

In conclusion, I need the visor with the stars almost as much as I need those 2 new hairpieces. LEGO, hurry up.

Also, I think I should replace my motto “I’ll never hide. I can’t - I’m too shiny” with “I’m the most least evil person you'll ever meet”. Or should I just keep both?

New Direction

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I promise you, the headline is the most exciting part of this post.

I’ve decided I’m not gonna spam the site with “there’s a new video out” blog posts anymore. I want it to contain more interesting and relevant information about LEGO.

What exactly that means, I’m not sure. But from now on, if I write something, it should be an interesting and informative read. At least to some people :)

Here’s a sneak peak into one of many projects I’m working on right now:

WIP RD Pants.jpg

Can you guess whose pants these will be?

Series 18, the first part

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And it's a birthday party!

I'll save the "how well this video performed" speech for after I publish the whole trilogy.

So, in other news, the Unikitty! and the Little Mermaid videos are doing great. So well that they brought the channel back up from a rut. I'm extremely happy.

The first of 3 important & huge parts orders has arrived! Parts for what? A super-secret building project that I've already told everyone about. In a few days my husband is taking our children to Croatia for 2 weeks. And I'm going to be home alone. HOME ALONE!

I have so much planned for that time period. So so much. Mostly building projects, but also some painting and video editing. And I can sleep and eat when I want. And work all day or all night. I might even to a vlog like thing on my progress every day. I certainly won't publish every day, but maybe a compilation video at the end? We'll see. Hopefully I won't just sleep.

Speaking of.. I need to get some z's if I want to be able to film the second and the third Series 18 parts.



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For some time now, I wanted to do a "weird dollify" video series where I would turn non-human characters into LEGO minidolls. I finally decided to try it with the Unikitty! blind bags series 1.

The video was fun to make and people seem to like it, so I think this is only the beginning.

As an extra challenge, I didn't allow myself to paint anything new for this dollify. And I followed that rule until it was pointed out to me that sleepy Unikitty really needed to have her eyes closed.

Sleepy Unikitty.jpg

I had already planned for the painting to take me an hour or so to get the eyelashes just right, but in the end, it turned out to be a 15 min project. You will not hear me complaining about that.

In other news, the series 18 minidolls are finally ready to be filmed! All of the actors' wishes were met, so there should be no more big bumps on the road. I hope.

Friendship Rings Review

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My Daughter saw them and had to have them.

And if she liked them so much, maybe my audience will as well. At least that was the thought process behind making this review.

I talked while filming this to save some time. It kinda worked. I'll have to practice doing that a lot more to get to a place I aim to be. Also, the filming was not the most comfortable experience because I had to do it with a blanket over my head. It was the only way I could think of to improve the sound quality. I definitely get points for ingenuity there.

I'm also working on quite a few projects at the same time. But the organizing, planning, and sorting are taking up so much of my time, that nothing is progressing at a pace I want it to. So I'll need to reschedule the Series 18 dollify videos again. Bummer.

Also, the greatest thing happened today! YouTube Premium came to Germany! We got the family pack just a few hours after it was available and we already LOVE it.

A Royal Wedding, Drilling and Everything in Between

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We have moved again! And in the process I apparently forgot that I also have a business to run.

I did manage to make a Royal Wedding video before I started packing. I was so proud of myself. As I should be, for that was an excellent dollify.

After the move,so many things still needed to be done. Many still do. So I needed a "quick" video to satisfy the Algorithm. Luckily, I already had the drill video half done.

Again, so proud of myself for putting it together on such short notice. And what comes after any high? A fall. I realized I concentrated so much on the move, I forgot I'll have to work after the move as well. Silly, but true.

I sat down and started actually planning my future videos. Like, putting them on a schedule. I was so disappointed with the reality - there just wasn't enough time to do half the projects I wanted to do. And at the same time, I felt overwhelmed by everything I still needed to make to even start filming videos.

Add to that a few private things and I'm surprised I didn't have a full on breakdown.

But I think I'm pulling myself together. Slowly, but I'm doing it.

The Batman Series 2 Dollify saga is DONE

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I ate some cake and have to move on to making my Newsletter GDPR compliant.

I'm so excited to do that. You wouldn't believe. (I'm really missing a sarcasm mark right here)

I hate legalese and that's what I'll have to tackle now. And then a couple of hundred of small changes to everything from my own website to the newsletter service provider.. Urgh. And I just wanna make videos. And move.

In case you can't tell - I'm a bit cranky. I almost have no desire to white how happy I am with the last 2 videos, both in regards of how they turned out and how well they are received.

I'm gonna go tear my hair out now. Fun!

LEGO Batman Series 2 Dollify

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It's a three part series. The first one is themed around the "Friends are Family" party,

and in the second one I explore who some of the characters are.

There was a fair amount of googling involved and some painting. I even added background noises! I'm almost like a pro now.

Anyhow, the trilogy is not done and I still have many personal things to take care of this week, so I'm gonna go and work on the video instead of writing about the done ones.