crafting with and around LEGO minidolls



Click on the Download button to get the file you want :)
Print it, color it (or don't), cut it out, fold and start customising!
Don't forget to select "No scaling" while printing so the accessories don't shrink.
You can also trace over the patterns and/or experiment with different materials.

Have fun!

All patterns are free for personal use.


Minidoll Accessories


Used in "The Batman Movie CMF Dollify"

Pattern prt scr 2b.jpg

LEGO minidoll patterns included:

  • fairy wings
  • tie
  • utility belt

.pdf file for paper sizes "A4" and "Letter"

Used in "The Batman Movie CMF Series 2 Dollify"

BCMF2 printables screencap b.jpg

LEGO minidoll patterns included:

  • tutu
  • apron/long skirt cover
  • overlay for a small torsos with and without "lightning"
  • armor/overlay for a big torso

.pdf file for paper sizes "A4" and "Letter"