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I did a review!

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And not just any review - I decided to start with my favourite LEGO Elves set from the first wave of 2018.

The set is called "Aira & the Song of the Wind Dragon". It's a mouthful. But it contains a purple dragon and Lumia. Lumia! There's no need to say more. Also, pictures speak more than words.

Lumia and Aira get to fly on the wind dragon

Lumia and Aira get to fly on the wind dragon

This is my first try at a review. I have avoided them on purpose because I felt there were enough on YouTube. So, what happened? Jang kinda-sorta stopped reviewing minidoll sets :'( And now I feel that if you want a quality review, you are going to have to search long and hard.

Therefore I made a review that I would like to watch myself. I'll probably do the rest of this year's (2018) Elves line as well and then I'll see if its worth the effort.

This time I also tried to talk while I'm filming, but it didn't go well. Apparently, doing 2 things at once is an absolute NO-NO for my brain. Maybe in a few years.


Fun at the Beach

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I set out to do a quick dollify video. Today, I published my longest video ever.

That just proves I'm still very bad at estimating how long something is going to take me to do. It's mostly because I start with a simple project in mind and then expand it far beyond what is manageable in a week.

I have a love-hate relationship with that part of myself. I hate that it doesn't let me make a quick video and I love that it forces me to make better videos.

I'm quite proud of this video (despite its many flaws) and now I'm thinking about should I make a similar thing with the Batman Series 2 figures? And should I make 2 shorter or one super-long video? So many things to decide..

Firsts I did to have fun on the beach:

  • I let my daughter choose what to put in the thumbnail (I did give her some limitations and have guided her in the way I wanted it to go)
  • I tried to incorporate a story into the dollify video to give a reason as to why I dollify stuff in the first place

Ragana's minified castle

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From the moment I saw a picture of this set, I needed to have it. It contained the first minidoll to have a not-so-friendly face and a black dress. I was so happy when I got it!

I also wanted to make a video about it.. so what should it be? I don't do reviews, the playability/story telling videos I did were merely okish and I generally dislike making a video without it having something I built. And so the revelation came to me - I'll do a micro version of the castle. BAM! I used the (expensive) set in a video and got to make another mini castle.

Ragana's micro castle

Ragana's micro castle

I really hope this video does well, because then I have another excuse to buy new big sets - so go watch the video!