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Harley Quinn's Outfits

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I planned this video for the Summer. Of last year.

Needless to say that I obviously needed quite a few months more to make it happen. Why now? 'Cause the Friends line came out with a new character Vicky. She has black sporty pants with red sneakers and the greatest facial expression LEGO has produced so far.

Those two things screamed Harley to me and I had to finally finish the video.

What's new for this video?

  • I had only a script draft, but I don't sound lost on the recording
  • I've introduced a new "style" of thumbnails (characters have a black border around them to increase their visibility) that I might roll out to some older videos as well
  • The editing process was super fast, due to me being more experienced and having settled for a slower pace of the video (gotta break that 10 min mark!)

Fun Fact: I have worked over 14h this Saturday to get this video published.

Poison Ivy's personal video

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A few weeks ago:

There sure are a lot of green clothes with flowery designs for minidolls. And Poison Ivy wears green and loves plants! I MUST make her some new clothes!

15 outfits, yet only 4 can be seen..

15 outfits, yet only 4 can be seen..

And just like that, the idea for this video was born. This might be the dollify video I had the most fun with whilst preparing. I also made the minidoll turn while the background remains stationary. I'm so proud of myself for figuring that one out :D

And I got to use the micro castles again! This video is just perfect ^^

I'm genuinely curious how people will receive this - is it going to be popular as the other recent dollify videos or is it going to tank* like the helicopters?*I'm happy with the helicopters, and I'll do similar videos in the future, but compared to the dollify videos, they seem to be getting no attention