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Doctor Who dollified

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My bottom still hurts from the long painting marathon.

12 hours of painting in just one day. It was not ergonomic and I discovered I could have been sitting on a pillow when it was already too late. I will not be doing such a painting session ever again.

Ok, maybe for Star Wars. And My Little Pony. But nothing else!


At least I think it was worth it. I love how some of the minidolls turned out. And according to the first comments and likes - other people think it was worth it too.

I wanted to do this video since forever and I'm glad I can check it off now.

The Contraption

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

The not-so-secret sauce of my dollify videos: the Contraption.

This part has changed how I dollify. It has pushed the limits of what is possible and I'm so used to it in the meantime that it has become a standard tool in my toolbox. I've even used it to secure a wobbly spiral in my micro version of Atlantica.

I didn't have great hopes in regards to views for this video, so I was pleasantly surprised when it got around 25k views in the first 48 hours. I'm very  curious as to how it's numbers will progress.

How to modify LEGO hair pieces

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There I was, building figures for the next dollify video when all of a sudden it hit me: I need to cut some of these hair pieces. Did I need them? No. But once I had the idea, there was no escaping it.

Azari's hair with and without the ears

Azari's hair with and without the ears

While cutting I wondered why I didn't think of this before? I don't know. But I'm glad I have this video out now: and not only because that's the third week in a row that has a published video. 

The video is now out for a few hours and is doing well. My experiment shows (for now) that when I upload a new video the whole channel gets a great boost in views. But it lasts only as long as the weekend. It seems that uploading once a week instead of once a month (for me) just stops the decline in views. *sigh*