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Micro Helicopters

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

Well, that's what I get for forcing a video out while I'm sic - I forget to advertise it.

The Golden Boy, Medic, Firefighter, Pinkie Pie's chopper, Batycopter, Wonder Woman's Invisible Helicopter

This is a video that 10 days ago even I didn't know I was gonna make it. I started experimenting with micro helicopters for another project and I felt I need to share the results with the world. I knew it wouldn't be very popular, but I had to make it. That's basically how I feel about all of my tutorial videos. When I googled it - I wasn't happy with the results I was getting so now there's at least a starting point for someone who needs an army of helicopters.

The video did pretty decent in the first 48h - it got over 2 500 views. I'm happy. It was just funny to see the views disappear after that period. Did the Algorithm figure out this isn't a viral video?

In other channel related news: things are lookin better than ever! Scooby is going really strong and the other videos are following it's great example. This weekend the realtime view counter got as far as 99 000! I'm very happy about that.

Ragana's minified castle

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

From the moment I saw a picture of this set, I needed to have it. It contained the first minidoll to have a not-so-friendly face and a black dress. I was so happy when I got it!

I also wanted to make a video about it.. so what should it be? I don't do reviews, the playability/story telling videos I did were merely okish and I generally dislike making a video without it having something I built. And so the revelation came to me - I'll do a micro version of the castle. BAM! I used the (expensive) set in a video and got to make another mini castle.

Ragana's micro castle

Ragana's micro castle

I really hope this video does well, because then I have another excuse to buy new big sets - so go watch the video!