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For some time now, I wanted to do a "weird dollify" video series where I would turn non-human characters into LEGO minidolls. I finally decided to try it with the Unikitty! blind bags series 1.

The video was fun to make and people seem to like it, so I think this is only the beginning.

As an extra challenge, I didn't allow myself to paint anything new for this dollify. And I followed that rule until it was pointed out to me that sleepy Unikitty really needed to have her eyes closed.

Sleepy Unikitty.jpg

I had already planned for the painting to take me an hour or so to get the eyelashes just right, but in the end, it turned out to be a 15 min project. You will not hear me complaining about that.

In other news, the series 18 minidolls are finally ready to be filmed! All of the actors' wishes were met, so there should be no more big bumps on the road. I hope.

The Batman Series 2 Dollify saga is DONE

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I ate some cake and have to move on to making my Newsletter GDPR compliant.

I'm so excited to do that. You wouldn't believe. (I'm really missing a sarcasm mark right here)

I hate legalese and that's what I'll have to tackle now. And then a couple of hundred of small changes to everything from my own website to the newsletter service provider.. Urgh. And I just wanna make videos. And move.

In case you can't tell - I'm a bit cranky. I almost have no desire to white how happy I am with the last 2 videos, both in regards of how they turned out and how well they are received.

I'm gonna go tear my hair out now. Fun!

Fun at the Beach

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I set out to do a quick dollify video. Today, I published my longest video ever.

That just proves I'm still very bad at estimating how long something is going to take me to do. It's mostly because I start with a simple project in mind and then expand it far beyond what is manageable in a week.

I have a love-hate relationship with that part of myself. I hate that it doesn't let me make a quick video and I love that it forces me to make better videos.

I'm quite proud of this video (despite its many flaws) and now I'm thinking about should I make a similar thing with the Batman Series 2 figures? And should I make 2 shorter or one super-long video? So many things to decide..

Firsts I did to have fun on the beach:

  • I let my daughter choose what to put in the thumbnail (I did give her some limitations and have guided her in the way I wanted it to go)
  • I tried to incorporate a story into the dollify video to give a reason as to why I dollify stuff in the first place

Harley Quinn's Outfits

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I planned this video for the Summer. Of last year.

Needless to say that I obviously needed quite a few months more to make it happen. Why now? 'Cause the Friends line came out with a new character Vicky. She has black sporty pants with red sneakers and the greatest facial expression LEGO has produced so far.

Those two things screamed Harley to me and I had to finally finish the video.

What's new for this video?

  • I had only a script draft, but I don't sound lost on the recording
  • I've introduced a new "style" of thumbnails (characters have a black border around them to increase their visibility) that I might roll out to some older videos as well
  • The editing process was super fast, due to me being more experienced and having settled for a slower pace of the video (gotta break that 10 min mark!)

Fun Fact: I have worked over 14h this Saturday to get this video published.

The most pointless video ever

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And people still love it.

Well, not everyone likes it, but that wasn't the goal. I wanted to experiment. I already know there's an audience for dollifying stuff, but is there an audience for mermifying stuff?

Apparently, there is. And that makes me happy :)

A few firsts I did in the making of this video:

  • paint a fish
  • talk into the microphone without a script and sound somewhat coherent
  • tried to talk more about the mermify process and tell a little story about every character

So now finally, I can declare the Year of the Mermaids has officially begun on the BrickoMotion channel! YouTube Gods, please let it be a successful one!

Btw The last SW video got monetized after the manual review. Hurray! That makes the manual review correct in 2 out of 3 cases. At least for me. Yay!

SW: A New Dollify

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It happened again.

I'm exhausted. Again I make a fairly popular dollify video and several hours after it's uploaded YouTube puts it on the naughty list.

I don't like that. I don't like that one bit.

Maybe this time the manual review comes back saying it is advertiser friendly, maybe it doesn't. Who knows?

Either way, I'm left with a feeling of "I can't count on AdSense revenue". And that's my only revenue.

I guess I have to speed up the LEGO Ideas and the Patreon project.

This advertiser unfriendliness has got me on a rant I didn't want to have. Let's get back to the planned content of this post.

Things I did for the first time for or in this video:

  • lengthen a minidoll torso with green stuff
  • modify a minidoll head piece with green stuff
  • paint fur
  • paint 3 more or less identical legs and torso pieces
  • tease a related video (mermaids) and then decide if I should do it via the poll in the community tab

That is a lot of firsts. And all of that work so it can get demonetized.

I'm too cranky and sad to write this post now. Maybe I revisit it when I cool off.

Nightmare Night

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What a fright!

I had something sweet to bite after I published the video :D

I love designing new outfits for minidolls. I just do. I like making videos, but what gets me excited the most is figuring out how to pull something off. And this video was full of such challenges.

I originally wanted to do a Disney Princess Halloween video, but then lightning stroke me: it should be a My Little Pony Nightmare Night video. And that was it - I had to make it. And to make it, the My Little Pony Equestria Girls video had to be done too. So I got to work and the last two videos are the result (I'm not counting Sunset Shimmers video 'cause it's still not done).

I'm pleased with what I've done and it really gave the channel a big boost. Like an all-time-high-and-then-some boost. If it weren't for the head lice I would be extremely happy right now. 

I already know what the next video is going to be - Minidolls vs. Minifigures: Head On. I just need to plan it and do it. Easy peasy. I know it won't be a big hit, but it needs to be done and who better to make it than me?

My Little Pony - Mane 6

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How in Equestria...

... are Pinkie Pie's feet not touching the ground? 

The process of painting these started many months ago. Since then I changed both the way I paint and my character design multiple times. None of that helped me with making these sooner.

Why does Twilight Sparkle have a darker skin tone? Why do the others have a lighter one? The decision for that can be traced back to the planning of this video. I wanted to minimize the painting involved, AND I thought it would be silly to translate all of the girl's skin colors into only one. That is how I decided that Twilight and Sunset Shimmer will have a darker skin tone.

I have ambitious plans for the rest of the year and I really really want to make them happen. So I should better get to it! After I prepare today's lunch, that is.