crafting with and around LEGO minidolls


LEGO Batman Series 2 Dollify

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It's a three part series. The first one is themed around the "Friends are Family" party,

and in the second one I explore who some of the characters are.

There was a fair amount of googling involved and some painting. I even added background noises! I'm almost like a pro now.

Anyhow, the trilogy is not done and I still have many personal things to take care of this week, so I'm gonna go and work on the video instead of writing about the done ones.


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The Pop Stars are coming.

Just very slowly. Like zombies.

This is another one of those videos I've been working on since forever. If forever means somewhere around 7 months. What took me so long? I have no idea. Or, maybe I do, it just doesn't make any sense in retrospect.

I originally wanted to publish the first Batman video this week. But guess what happened? There were more things to do than I anticipated. So there was no way to get the video done until Saturday. And then I remembered this gem and figured I could revisit if it's doable. And it was! I was so happy and relieved that even all of the other life stuff didn't stop me from completing it.

When will I dollify another Pop Star? I have no idea. But at some point, I will.

Video firsts:

  • prepared for it 7 months and got it done in 3 days
  • included the work of another adult in my video (the wig my Little Brother made)
  • used a drill to drill a minipin hole into the hairpieces
  • for the first ~10 h of the videos published life, it didn't have cards or an ending screen, 'cause I forgot to set them up

Harley Quinn's Outfits

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I planned this video for the Summer. Of last year.

Needless to say that I obviously needed quite a few months more to make it happen. Why now? 'Cause the Friends line came out with a new character Vicky. She has black sporty pants with red sneakers and the greatest facial expression LEGO has produced so far.

Those two things screamed Harley to me and I had to finally finish the video.

What's new for this video?

  • I had only a script draft, but I don't sound lost on the recording
  • I've introduced a new "style" of thumbnails (characters have a black border around them to increase their visibility) that I might roll out to some older videos as well
  • The editing process was super fast, due to me being more experienced and having settled for a slower pace of the video (gotta break that 10 min mark!)

Fun Fact: I have worked over 14h this Saturday to get this video published.

My Little Pony - Mane 6

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How in Equestria...

... are Pinkie Pie's feet not touching the ground? 

The process of painting these started many months ago. Since then I changed both the way I paint and my character design multiple times. None of that helped me with making these sooner.

Why does Twilight Sparkle have a darker skin tone? Why do the others have a lighter one? The decision for that can be traced back to the planning of this video. I wanted to minimize the painting involved, AND I thought it would be silly to translate all of the girl's skin colors into only one. That is how I decided that Twilight and Sunset Shimmer will have a darker skin tone.

I have ambitious plans for the rest of the year and I really really want to make them happen. So I should better get to it! After I prepare today's lunch, that is.

CMF Series 17

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My kids managed to watch this whole video from start to finish. Didn't yell it was boring, didn't want me to turn it off. High praise.

It took me a while to get this video done. Mostly 'cause I was working on another two simultaneously. Does that mean a wave of videos is coming out? No. I need to prepare for my upcoming move. We still don't know when the move is happening nor how much of a time waste it will be. And I don't wanna be offline for a whole month. Or even two.

So, I prepare.

Harley Quinn's Couch

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This vehicle is completely hilarious. To me at least.

I had to finish some personal stuff this week, so it's once again short video time! It still gets me completely by surprise how quickly these come together. I don't even have time to have a mid-video crisis.

So I even had some spare time this week! And I used it to edit the Black Widow Mighty Micro video too. Now I hope to have enough time to finish my LEGO Ideas project. I really want to have that up before we move.

What move? Well, in a few months we are moving to Berlin. There's still soo much to do but I am happy as a child making a mess - mostly because I'll have a dedicated LEGO room there! In my case, that means a princess/fairy land with a ZOO, playground, swimming pool.. I can't wait to get building!

The Contraption

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The not-so-secret sauce of my dollify videos: the Contraption.

This part has changed how I dollify. It has pushed the limits of what is possible and I'm so used to it in the meantime that it has become a standard tool in my toolbox. I've even used it to secure a wobbly spiral in my micro version of Atlantica.

I didn't have great hopes in regards to views for this video, so I was pleasantly surprised when it got around 25k views in the first 48 hours. I'm very  curious as to how it's numbers will progress.

Penguin's Penguin

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

The shortest video in quite some time now, all for the purpose of maintaining a regular posting schedule and a healthy personal life.

Penguin's Penguin angry vehicle with fins

Penguin's Penguin angry vehicle with fins

I'm hoping to publish these shorter videos every second week or whenever a crisis arises.

This one was very fun to make and I think it comes trough in the video. I'm just not sure if it's shortness is going to have a lasting negative effect on the channel. I really hope not, because I simply cannot produce a 10-minute video each and every single week.

I will also use this opportunity to reflect a bit on my channel. I don't like my first videos. I know they were trying to be good, but in my eyes, they just aren't. I know what they could have been had I only had the tools I now have. I see it all as a learning journey.

Somewhere around the first Scooby Doo dollify video, I started liking what I do. It can still be way better, but it had crossed the line between blah and watchable. From the beginning, I strived to make every video at least a bit better than the previous one. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn't, but on average I think the videos became good. Now the channel is one I would personally subscribe to. And that makes me really happy :)

Scooby Doo part Twoo

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I've been planing this video since I was preparing for the first one. I'm happy that now I can finally cross it of the list. 24 h after it was published it had over 8000 views - a new BoM record. Just as a reference point: the Mini Helicopter video has only 4243 views and it's 2 weeks old.

Mystery Inc.: Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne

Fun facts about the video:

  • the painting (and print/paint removal) of parts used lasted for 7 hours 
  • I had over an hour of video footage
  • it took me about an hour per minute of video to combine the video and sound recordings (~10 h total)
  • a whole batch of photos was completely useless and was therefore shift-deleted 
  • my daughter made the minidoll representing her herself (she didn't like the one I used in the previous video)
  • my son insisted his Spiderman costume needs to have the little spider on the front
  • I searched for Fred's net for an hour before I found it and now I can only remember where it wasn't
  • my daughter literally gave me a thumbs up when she finished watching the video