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LEGO Movie 2

Almost Completely Spoiler Free "LEGO Movie 2" Thoughts

reviewJasna Bronić MiklinComment

I watched the movie with my family a few days ago. We went to a not-that-nearby cinema that screens movies in English. Because in Germany everything gets dubbed. And I like listening to Chris Pratt. And everything gets a PG rating lately, so we had to lie about how old our son was.

LEGO Movie 2 Party.jpg

Needless to say, we all loved the movie. I was playing “is that an official set?” and “is that a new part?” with myself. I got extremely excited every time we got a glimpse of a side character’s neighbor’s magenta hair piece. It was gorgeous. As was one other and a helmet visor with stars. I hope we get them in some future sets.

The LEGO Movie 2 isn’t a masterpiece nor a must-watch like the first one. It is, however, beautiful, fun, and awesome in a more realistic kind of way. I think its role is that of an amusing footnote to the first movie. Whatever that means.

My son loved the action scenes and every nanosecond dinosaurs, or Ultrakitty were visible. My daughter enjoyed the songs so much she was singing in the theater. Don’t worry, only I could hear her ;)

When we got home, she insisted we listen to the soundtrack. For some reason I was skeptical if it was already available on Google Play Music but, lo and behold, it was. So for the next 2 hours, we listened to “Not Evil” and “Everything’s Not Awesome” on repeat.

I would gladly make a joke about how annoying that was and how valiantly I fought to turn the noise off, but I was the one who kept queuing “Not Evil”, so...

LEGO Movie 2 Lucy & CB.jpg

In conclusion, I need the visor with the stars almost as much as I need those 2 new hairpieces. LEGO, hurry up.

Also, I think I should replace my motto “I’ll never hide. I can’t - I’m too shiny” with “I’m the most least evil person you'll ever meet”. Or should I just keep both?