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The Batman Series 2 Dollify saga is DONE

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I ate some cake and have to move on to making my Newsletter GDPR compliant.

I'm so excited to do that. You wouldn't believe. (I'm really missing a sarcasm mark right here)

I hate legalese and that's what I'll have to tackle now. And then a couple of hundred of small changes to everything from my own website to the newsletter service provider.. Urgh. And I just wanna make videos. And move.

In case you can't tell - I'm a bit cranky. I almost have no desire to white how happy I am with the last 2 videos, both in regards of how they turned out and how well they are received.

I'm gonna go tear my hair out now. Fun!

LEGO Batman Series 2 Dollify

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It's a three part series. The first one is themed around the "Friends are Family" party,

and in the second one I explore who some of the characters are.

There was a fair amount of googling involved and some painting. I even added background noises! I'm almost like a pro now.

Anyhow, the trilogy is not done and I still have many personal things to take care of this week, so I'm gonna go and work on the video instead of writing about the done ones.

Penguin's Penguin

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

The shortest video in quite some time now, all for the purpose of maintaining a regular posting schedule and a healthy personal life.

Penguin's Penguin angry vehicle with fins

Penguin's Penguin angry vehicle with fins

I'm hoping to publish these shorter videos every second week or whenever a crisis arises.

This one was very fun to make and I think it comes trough in the video. I'm just not sure if it's shortness is going to have a lasting negative effect on the channel. I really hope not, because I simply cannot produce a 10-minute video each and every single week.

I will also use this opportunity to reflect a bit on my channel. I don't like my first videos. I know they were trying to be good, but in my eyes, they just aren't. I know what they could have been had I only had the tools I now have. I see it all as a learning journey.

Somewhere around the first Scooby Doo dollify video, I started liking what I do. It can still be way better, but it had crossed the line between blah and watchable. From the beginning, I strived to make every video at least a bit better than the previous one. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn't, but on average I think the videos became good. Now the channel is one I would personally subscribe to. And that makes me really happy :)

Batman dollify

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

This one was so much more work than originally planned. My mistake. I should have foreseen that I will want to implement a digital download for it, that there will be a problem with the printer, with the upload, download, verification and that the car would break down once again.

Ok, maybe that last one isn't on me, but the others are. Maybe this time I'll learn to plan for difficulties EVERYWHERE.