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New Direction

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I promise you, the headline is the most exciting part of this post.

I’ve decided I’m not gonna spam the site with “there’s a new video out” blog posts anymore. I want it to contain more interesting and relevant information about LEGO.

What exactly that means, I’m not sure. But from now on, if I write something, it should be an interesting and informative read. At least to some people :)

Here’s a sneak peak into one of many projects I’m working on right now:

WIP RD Pants.jpg

Can you guess whose pants these will be?

Series 18, the first part

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And it's a birthday party!

I'll save the "how well this video performed" speech for after I publish the whole trilogy.

So, in other news, the Unikitty! and the Little Mermaid videos are doing great. So well that they brought the channel back up from a rut. I'm extremely happy.

The first of 3 important & huge parts orders has arrived! Parts for what? A super-secret building project that I've already told everyone about. In a few days my husband is taking our children to Croatia for 2 weeks. And I'm going to be home alone. HOME ALONE!

I have so much planned for that time period. So so much. Mostly building projects, but also some painting and video editing. And I can sleep and eat when I want. And work all day or all night. I might even to a vlog like thing on my progress every day. I certainly won't publish every day, but maybe a compilation video at the end? We'll see. Hopefully I won't just sleep.

Speaking of.. I need to get some z's if I want to be able to film the second and the third Series 18 parts.


Friendship Rings Review

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My Daughter saw them and had to have them.

And if she liked them so much, maybe my audience will as well. At least that was the thought process behind making this review.

I talked while filming this to save some time. It kinda worked. I'll have to practice doing that a lot more to get to a place I aim to be. Also, the filming was not the most comfortable experience because I had to do it with a blanket over my head. It was the only way I could think of to improve the sound quality. I definitely get points for ingenuity there.

I'm also working on quite a few projects at the same time. But the organizing, planning, and sorting are taking up so much of my time, that nothing is progressing at a pace I want it to. So I'll need to reschedule the Series 18 dollify videos again. Bummer.

Also, the greatest thing happened today! YouTube Premium came to Germany! We got the family pack just a few hours after it was available and we already LOVE it.

The Batman Series 2 Dollify saga is DONE

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I ate some cake and have to move on to making my Newsletter GDPR compliant.

I'm so excited to do that. You wouldn't believe. (I'm really missing a sarcasm mark right here)

I hate legalese and that's what I'll have to tackle now. And then a couple of hundred of small changes to everything from my own website to the newsletter service provider.. Urgh. And I just wanna make videos. And move.

In case you can't tell - I'm a bit cranky. I almost have no desire to white how happy I am with the last 2 videos, both in regards of how they turned out and how well they are received.

I'm gonna go tear my hair out now. Fun!

I shouldn't promise things I can't keep

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And yet it seems I have done so again.


No, I wasn't relaxing on the beach. Well, at least my human avatar wasn't. I worked on the video as much as it was humanly possible, but it's still not done. 'Cause the new kitchen needed planning. So did the move itself. However, I find planning the whole kitchen in 8 days total is a superb achievement.

Thus, I'm counting this week as a success.

And I think the next one will be even better. *productivity mode on*

It's my Birthday!

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And my daughter decided I should spend it with my kids.

That is one reason I didn't make a video this week. But the one for the next week is coming along nicely, and I can't wait to show it to you :D

The best thing about being so open with your love for LEGO is that people then give you LEGO! This is what my husband got me:

Downtown Diner.jpg

It's a great set. I haven't built it yet, but I know I'm gonna love it. And the strangest thing? I'm mostly looking forward to this guy:


Because his hairpiece is the same as the one for Dareth (from Ninjago). And I need that. For a project I'm working on. It's super-secret, but you can probably guess what it's all about ;)

I'm gonna go eat some cake!

MDs vs MFs: Head On

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The head is important. We need to know how to use it.

And the neck. Everything related to the head is extremely important. I should know - I have one.

Although it doesn't seem to work as well for the past month. That's also why I'm 98% sure there will be no new video published next week. I need to sleep.

I'm working on so many things ATM that I get lost. I'm also rethinking everything including what I want this blog to be moving forward. I've already redesigned the site and added the "Newsletter Sign Up" box. Other changes to the BrickoMotion "brand" are to come.


(Mental) Health Week

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It's not that I haven't been working this week - I have. Maybe even more than usual, but there will be no new video published.

B-School is taking up more time than I anticipated. And that is a good thing. It means I'm also learning a lot. But it leaves less time for other things.

We have finally got a daycare place for our son. It is something that we are looking forward to to the point of actually crying happy tears. But it took time to get that organized on short notice.

I also had an appointment with my eye doctor.  I'm a bit short-sighted, but nothing serious. However, she urged me to get some more sleep and not to overstrain myself, for the symptoms could get worse. And guess what? Sleeping more also takes time.

And I already know taking time for myself is crucial for keeping my depression and anxiety in check, I just don't do it enough. It's never urgent - until it is.

So I took this week "off". The quotation marks are necessary here because I still worked a lot on the business, I just couldn't squeeze in a video as well. Hopefully, the next week will be better. Although I don't have high hopes. Those are reserved for the end of April, 'cause that's when things might start getting better.

Top 10 LEGO Hairstyles

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All hail The LEGO Movies!

For, were it not for The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie, this list wouldn't be half as good.

Other great sources for the best hair pieces include LEGO Elves, Disney Princess, and CMFs.

I'm really happy with this video. Yet again, I had to work for 14h on a Saturday to complete it, but it was worth it. Even as I was editing, I thought to myself: "this is coming together quite nicely" which is a thing I never think while editing. I mostly just hate everything until it's done.

This video is an experiment. Can I produce a quality Top 10 list? I think I have. Will it be popular? We will see.

The only first for this video is that it's a Top 10 list. But that doesn't mean everything was same old, same old - I have improved my speaking and video editing significantly.

I have also made myself a Trello list to keep track of what I still need to do regarding a video. It's baffling to me how I managed to do anything without this list before. I mean, I know how. I didn't do half the things I was supposed to.

Oh! And I made an Instagram account several weeks ago. My name was free so I took it and now you can find brickomotion on Instagram as well. I hope to post "spoilers" of upcoming videos on there, or at least something I find clever or funny :)

I'll try to publish a video (almost) every weekend for the next 2-3 months, but I'm not very hopeful. I enrolled in an online business school and we might be moving soon again. And then there are the doctor's appointments.. so many doctors.. It's nothing serious, but it sucks the life energy right out of me just thinking about it.

Nevertheless, the video is out. In the 2h it's out, it got over 5000 views and many many positive comments. I love my viewers. Off to happy sleep I go.

Adpocalypse 2.0

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The first Adpocalypse didn't affect me that much. I was still mad that it had happened, because of it just being silly, but the BrickoMotion channel revenue didn't really suffer from it.

Enter Adpocalypse 2.0. YouTube has tightened the definition of what counts as advertiser friendly for their algorithm so much that it produces false positives all the time. This has affected my channel very much. You can see the status of your videos on the Video Manager page. The "good" videos are marked with a green $ sign and the "bad" videos with a yellow one. As of now, the Locomotive Advent video has been flagged as advertiser unfriendly, so has the second Advent video, the second Taylor Swift video, and the My Little Pony Holiday video.

So what did I do? Here's what you can do: on the "Advertiser unfriendly" video's page in YouTube Analytics there's a "Request a manual review" button. And you can click it. And that's where the nice things I have to say end.

The video will not be taken into a review queue until it has 1000 views. Seems reasonable at first glance, but the consequences of that are not. If your video has been deemed advertiser unfriendly right on the upload, you must first publish it, get the views and then it can be reviewed. Still doesn't seem that harsh? What if I told you it takes at least 24 h to review a video? And the first 24 h are the most lucrative hours of most videos. This happened to me with the first and the second Advent video. Granted, these videos were never going to be a smash hit, but combine the ad-unfriendliness with the dip in views the first one has caused to Taylor and you can start to see the problem. I requested a manual review for both but then decided that I'm not even gonna bother with the second one and I just deleted it. 2 days later the manual review decided the video was, in fact, advertiser friendly. What a shock.

The algorithm also constantly changes. While I was preparing the second Taylor Swift video, the green $ turned into a yellow one. My heart sank. Had I worked long and hard on that video just to have it falsely classified? I decided to add all of the end screen elements and cards to the video first and than deal with the unfriendliness. As I was done with the cards I came back to the monetisation page and the video was green again. I had no idea what had happened but I felt a bit better. For now.

2 weeks have passed without any additional problems. The Star Wars video upload went smoothly and there was no sudden unfriendliness. 'Cause, the thing is, as the algorithm changes, it will also go and reevaluate older videos. So now we get to the part that hurts me the most. Approximately 9 hours after the MLP Holliday video was published it turned yellow. I requested the review right away, but I knew that even in the best case scenario I was going to lose money. It's a holiday video published right before the holidays - I don't think it has that long of a shelf life. And it seems to be a hit (for my standards). When it was put on the naughty list it had around 20 000 views. This morning (29 hours after the request) the video had around 60 000 views and I received an e-mail informing me the video was NOT suitable for all advertisers.

And that's it. I can't repeal it, I could take it down, but it's not like that would help me, so I'll leave it on the channel. It's really hard for me to believe a human has watched that video and deemed it advertiser unfriendly. I mean, if there ever was a great video for selling MLP merch during the holiday season - this is it.

I do not like this development at all. It makes me question everything. Did I make the worst mistake of my life by becoming a YouTube creator? Should I just stop making videos? At least until this Adpocalypse thing is over. It will be over at some point, right?

I don't know.