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Cooking LEGO Pieces

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Not a thing I thought I would be doing. Yet here we are.

Elsa & Anna with Remolded Hair Pieces

I knew that some crooked plastic board game figures could be saved by dipping them in warm water and simply straitening them out. But could that work on LEGO pieces as well? To be honest, I only cared if it would work on hair pieces. ‘Cause I love them, and not all are minidoll friendly.

Elsa's Original and Remolded Hair Piece

Anna’s and Elsa’s hair pieces proved to be the perfect candidates for my experiment. I boiled some water and then the fun started.

This “recipe” worked the best for me:

  • cook the hair piece with the head and torso attached (but don’t be too attached to the head and torso you are throwing into boiling water)

  • after a few minutes, take it out of the water

  • quickly mold it to the shape you want it to stay in

  • hold like that for a few minutes till it’s cooled

  • repeat if necessary

When you’ve achieved the form you want, feel free to also paint on some details. Of course my Anna had to have her light strand of hair.

Anna's Original and Remolded Hair Piece

And that really is everything. The process turned out to be far easier than predicted and I already look forward to some more cooking. Dorothy from the LEGO Movie 2 CMF Series is calling me for a while now..