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Series 18, the first part

new video, general updateJasna Bronić Miklin2 Comments

And it's a birthday party!

I'll save the "how well this video performed" speech for after I publish the whole trilogy.

So, in other news, the Unikitty! and the Little Mermaid videos are doing great. So well that they brought the channel back up from a rut. I'm extremely happy.

The first of 3 important & huge parts orders has arrived! Parts for what? A super-secret building project that I've already told everyone about. In a few days my husband is taking our children to Croatia for 2 weeks. And I'm going to be home alone. HOME ALONE!

I have so much planned for that time period. So so much. Mostly building projects, but also some painting and video editing. And I can sleep and eat when I want. And work all day or all night. I might even to a vlog like thing on my progress every day. I certainly won't publish every day, but maybe a compilation video at the end? We'll see. Hopefully I won't just sleep.

Speaking of.. I need to get some z's if I want to be able to film the second and the third Series 18 parts.