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Friendship Rings Review

new video, general updateJasna Bronić MiklinComment

My Daughter saw them and had to have them.

And if she liked them so much, maybe my audience will as well. At least that was the thought process behind making this review.

I talked while filming this to save some time. It kinda worked. I'll have to practice doing that a lot more to get to a place I aim to be. Also, the filming was not the most comfortable experience because I had to do it with a blanket over my head. It was the only way I could think of to improve the sound quality. I definitely get points for ingenuity there.

I'm also working on quite a few projects at the same time. But the organizing, planning, and sorting are taking up so much of my time, that nothing is progressing at a pace I want it to. So I'll need to reschedule the Series 18 dollify videos again. Bummer.

Also, the greatest thing happened today! YouTube Premium came to Germany! We got the family pack just a few hours after it was available and we already LOVE it.