crafting with and around LEGO minidolls

Face reveal!

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin2 Comments

Because not even I knew what my face looked like!

I don't get the YouTube craze about face reveals, but I needed a video ASAP so this is what you got.

I'm going to Croatia with the kids for a week and I didn't want the channel to suffer so I planned ahead. Maybe a bit too much, seeing as I made more progress on the future videos than on the immediate one.

All of this means that we are entering a short era of "quickly" made videos. Just so I could get some paperwork done and see friends & family.

Despite the rush to make this video, I've incorporated some firsts into it:

  • set "reviews"
  • how we play with the sets
  • I talked to the camera while filming - no extra audio editing