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SW: A New Dollify

new videoJasna Bronić MiklinComment

It happened again.

I'm exhausted. Again I make a fairly popular dollify video and several hours after it's uploaded YouTube puts it on the naughty list.

I don't like that. I don't like that one bit.

Maybe this time the manual review comes back saying it is advertiser friendly, maybe it doesn't. Who knows?

Either way, I'm left with a feeling of "I can't count on AdSense revenue". And that's my only revenue.

I guess I have to speed up the LEGO Ideas and the Patreon project.

This advertiser unfriendliness has got me on a rant I didn't want to have. Let's get back to the planned content of this post.

Things I did for the first time for or in this video:

  • lengthen a minidoll torso with green stuff
  • modify a minidoll head piece with green stuff
  • paint fur
  • paint 3 more or less identical legs and torso pieces
  • tease a related video (mermaids) and then decide if I should do it via the poll in the community tab

That is a lot of firsts. And all of that work so it can get demonetized.

I'm too cranky and sad to write this post now. Maybe I revisit it when I cool off.