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Size Matters

new videoJasna Bronić MiklinComment

.. but not how you think.

I decided I want to do a series of videos about the differences of figs and dolls. And I started with the size one because that's the first thing you'll notice by looking at them - the size. And I made it into a battle just because I can. I thought it would be fun and it might get decent views.

Well, I was right about the views.

People do not like it when somebody says the minifigs aren't perfect. And they let you know. Presumably, all of them because the number of (negative) comments and thumbs down is off the charts for this one.

I don't mind. This signals the Algorithm that the video is engaging and that is a good thing. 

I also completely forgot to say: I have a channel trailer! I wanted to do it ever since I started the channel so I'm happy I can move that off the to-do list.

Maybe someday I'll be able to clear the whole to-do list I made at the beginning.