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Harley Quinn's Couch

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

This vehicle is completely hilarious. To me at least.

I had to finish some personal stuff this week, so it's once again short video time! It still gets me completely by surprise how quickly these come together. I don't even have time to have a mid-video crisis.

So I even had some spare time this week! And I used it to edit the Black Widow Mighty Micro video too. Now I hope to have enough time to finish my LEGO Ideas project. I really want to have that up before we move.

What move? Well, in a few months we are moving to Berlin. There's still soo much to do but I am happy as a child making a mess - mostly because I'll have a dedicated LEGO room there! In my case, that means a princess/fairy land with a ZOO, playground, swimming pool.. I can't wait to get building!