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Penguin's Penguin

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

The shortest video in quite some time now, all for the purpose of maintaining a regular posting schedule and a healthy personal life.

Penguin's Penguin angry vehicle with fins

Penguin's Penguin angry vehicle with fins

I'm hoping to publish these shorter videos every second week or whenever a crisis arises.

This one was very fun to make and I think it comes trough in the video. I'm just not sure if it's shortness is going to have a lasting negative effect on the channel. I really hope not, because I simply cannot produce a 10-minute video each and every single week.

I will also use this opportunity to reflect a bit on my channel. I don't like my first videos. I know they were trying to be good, but in my eyes, they just aren't. I know what they could have been had I only had the tools I now have. I see it all as a learning journey.

Somewhere around the first Scooby Doo dollify video, I started liking what I do. It can still be way better, but it had crossed the line between blah and watchable. From the beginning, I strived to make every video at least a bit better than the previous one. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn't, but on average I think the videos became good. Now the channel is one I would personally subscribe to. And that makes me really happy :)