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My 50th video

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And almost a 20,000 subs special ^^

I truly want to do a special at some point, but not now. Maybe at 50,000 subs? We'll see. I'll definitely do one at 100,000 subs, but I figure I still have some time till we get there ;)

For now, I celebrated with some cake :D

This is the second video in the Minidolls vs. Minifigures series and I tried to do it a bit differently from the first one. Many months have passed since I worked on this topic, and both my writing and filming have evolved since then. But I wanted the videos to still feel like they are a part of the same series, which was a bit of a challenge. And time will tell if I succeeded at that.

And I simply had to change the title and the thumbnail from the Size Matters video. Because consistency.