crafting with and around LEGO minidolls

Scooby Doo part Twoo

new videoJasna Bronić Miklin

I've been planing this video since I was preparing for the first one. I'm happy that now I can finally cross it of the list. 24 h after it was published it had over 8000 views - a new BoM record. Just as a reference point: the Mini Helicopter video has only 4243 views and it's 2 weeks old.

Mystery Inc.: Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne

Fun facts about the video:

  • the painting (and print/paint removal) of parts used lasted for 7 hours 
  • I had over an hour of video footage
  • it took me about an hour per minute of video to combine the video and sound recordings (~10 h total)
  • a whole batch of photos was completely useless and was therefore shift-deleted 
  • my daughter made the minidoll representing her herself (she didn't like the one I used in the previous video)
  • my son insisted his Spiderman costume needs to have the little spider on the front
  • I searched for Fred's net for an hour before I found it and now I can only remember where it wasn't
  • my daughter literally gave me a thumbs up when she finished watching the video