crafting with and around LEGO minidolls

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BrickoMotion is a YouTube channel that features LEGO minidolls.

I got back into LEGO around 2012 after a long dark age. By then I was so used to finding anything on YouTube that I was quite surprised when I couldn't find "how to build LEGO" videos that would be educational, entertaining and move at the right pace. 

So I took matters into my own hands.

I hated speaking to the camera, I had barely learned how to take photos and I most definitely had no idea how to edit a video. But making videos with LEGO pieces was what I was determined to do, so I quit my "corporate" job in 2015 and started learning.

Now, the channel has grown and the most popular videos are the ones in which I dollify famous characters. That has led me to focus on LEGO minidolls to the point where I can confidently say "Brickomotion is creating videos with and about LEGO minidolls".