crafting with and around LEGO minidolls

Claire, the creator of BrickoMotion

Claire, the creator of BrickoMotion

About BrickoMotion

BrickoMotion is a YouTube channel that features LEGO minidolls in all of their imperfect glory.

Claire created the channel in 2015 to produce LEGO related videos which she felt simply had to exist. She started mostly with “stop-and-motion” videos, learning all of the aspects of making a video on the way. The first video to gain a significant number of views was the “Scooby Doo Dollify” video.

Thrilled with the idea she could showcase the minidolls’ potential, Claire continued to turn various famos characters into LEGO minidolls. At first, she used only original LEGO pieces. But she soon discovered that wasn’t enough. She needed paints, a craft knife, green stuff and a drill. Also some nail stickers, nail stamps, nail polishes - lots of nail embellishments, and anything that a particular character demanded to truly be herself.

So with every new video the process of dollifying’s getting more and more complicated. Still they remain the heart of the BrickoMotion channel.