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June favourites & Fun in the Park

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Shame on me for this.

Has it really been so long since I posted something on here? It was such an eventful month and a half that I completely forgot I have a website.

The Fun in the Park dollify video was in the making for almost a year. Now, the Fun at the Beach set was released and I thought to myself: "You are going to film this now or never". And that is the most interesting thing about this video that I can think of right now, so I'll move on to the June favourites.

The Move.
It happened.

The amount of work that had to be done to make it happen still amazes me. And I am still tired and overwhelmed and the work is still not done.

The LEGO collection is still in boxes, unpacked. At least one Ikea trip still needs to be made to make the unpacking at least in theory doable.

I miss making videos. I miss feeling rested. I miss having a clear head.

But these things will pass. The channel is taking a big hit, but I know I'll make it even better once I have a studio and some time. And my daughter will be going to a great school instead of a ... not-so-good one.

And everything will be worth it.